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Deploy to Cloud

fedml model deploy is a high level CLI to deploy a model card to TensorOpera GPU cloud marketplace.

If you do not use --local option for local deploy, nor specify the ---master_ids and --worker_ids options for on-premise deploy, the model card will be deployed to the cloud.

fedml model deploy -n my_model

In this cloud deploy mode, what fedml model deploy cli do is just wrapping the TensorOpera®launch related apis. So you can also use both fedml model deploy and fedml launch command to deploy a model card to the cloud.

GPU Resource Specification

When we create the model card, we can specify a model config YAML file. Inside the YAML file, we can specify the GPU resource requirement for the model card.

fedml model create -n my_model -cf model_config.yaml

And inside the model_config.yaml, we can specify the GPU resource requirement for the model card. Using the resource_type, as well as minimum_num_gpus and maximum_cost_per_hour to specify the GPU resource requirement.

minimum_num_gpus: 1 # minimum # of GPUs to provision
maximum_cost_per_hour: $3000 # max cost per hour for your job per gpu card
#allow_cross_cloud_resources: true # true, false
#device_type: CPU # options: GPU, CPU, hybrid
resource_type: A100-80G # e.g., A100-80G,
# please check the resource type list by "fedml show-resource-type"
# or visiting URL: