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FEDML Open Source library :

FEDML®Launch: a super launcher and scheduler for running any AI jobs in Any GPU Clouds or On-prem Cluster:

  • fedml/computing/scheduler -- FEDML®Launch: a unified launcher and scheduler for running any AI jobs across any GPU clouds and on-prem cluster.

FEDML®Deploy: model deployment:

  • fedml/serving -- FEDML®Deploy: scalable model serving and deployment
  • fedml/serving/scalellm - an efficient engine for scaling LLM in low-memory GPUs

FEDML®Train: model training and observability:

  • fedml/train -- training framework, especially for LLM and generative AIs
    • fedml/train/cross_cloud -- cross-cloud distributed training, a spotlight project for it is "UnitedLLM"
    • fedml/train/llm -- LLM training and fine-tuning
  • fedml/core/mlops -- training experimental tracking: logging and observability

FEDML®Federate: federated learning and analytics framework:

  • fedml/cross_device -- cross-device federated learning (FL), tailored for the smartphone-based FL
  • fedml/cross_silo -- cross-silo federated learning
  • fedml/simulation -- simulator for federated learning
  • fedml/fa -- federated analytics

fedml/api -- FEDML public Python APIs: fedml.api., including APIs for launch, training, deployment, and federated learning. Note: at this stage, it doesn't cover all FEDML APIs; some others are in fedml.core. and fedml.*.

fedml/cli -- command line interface (CLIs) implementation for FEDML library

fedml/core -- core modules shared by all training, deployment, and federated learning frameworks, including features related to communication backend, security/privacy, design pattern, logging, etc.

fedml/mlops -- MLOps (Nexus AI) related features

fedml/device -- GPU placement and management

fedml/data -- prebuilt data loaders

fedml/model -- prebuilt models

fedml/ml -- integrating with many other general machine learning frameworks

fedml/utils -- common utilities

FEDML Spotlight Projects:

  • FedML/python/spotlight_prj/UnitedLLM -- a cross-cloud distributed training framework for large-scale language models (LLMs)
  • FedML/python/spotlight_prj/FedLLM -- a federated learning framework for LLMs

and more...

FEDML Examples (Prebuilt Jobs in Jobs Store):

  • FedML/python/examples -- examples for training, deployment, and federated learning
    • FedML/python/examples/launch -- examples for FEDML®Launch
    • FedML/python/examples/serving -- examples for FEDML®Deploy
    • FedML/python/examples/train -- examples for FEDML®Train
    • FedML/python/examples/cross_cloud -- examples for FEDML®Train cross-cloud distributed training
    • FedML/python/examples/federate/prebuilt_jobs -- examples for federated learning prebuilt jobs (FedCV, FedNLP, FedGraphNN, Healthcare, etc.)
    • FedML/python/examples/federate/cross_silo -- examples for cross-silo federated learning
    • FedML/python/examples/federate/cross_device -- examples for cross-device federated learning
    • FedML/python/examples/federate/simulation -- examples for federated learning simulation
    • FedML/python/examples/federate/security -- examples for FEDML®Federate security related features
    • FedML/python/examples/federate/privacy -- examples for FEDML®Federate privacy related features
    • FedML/python/examples/federate/federated_analytics -- examples for FEDML®Federate federated analytics (FA)