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Raspberry Pi

A step-by-step installation guide of FedML on Raspberry Pi.


For Raspberry Pi devices, it is recommended to run FedML using Docker.

Install Docker (Prerequisite)


You can move to the next step if you have Docker already installed.

  1. Update and upgrade your apt-get package tool
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
  1. Download the Docker installation script
curl -fsSL -o
  1. Execute the installation script
sudo sh
  1. Add a non-root user to the Docker group
sudo usermod -aG docker [your-user]

Run FedML with Docker

  • Pull the FedML RPI Docker image
docker pull fedml/fedml:latest-raspberrypi4-64-py37
  • Run Docker with "fedml login"
docker run -t -i fedml/fedml:latest-raspberrypi4-64-py37 /bin/bash

root@8bc0de2ce0e0:/usr/src/app# fedml login $USERID


Note please change the value of $USERID to your own.

Install with pip

pip install fedml
source ~/.profile ## run this command if '/home/user/.local/bin' is not on PATH' after installation