Technology Overview

FedML’s core technology is backed by years of cutting-edge research represented in 50+ publications in ML/FL Algorithms, Security/Privacy, Systems, and Applications, as well as 10 years of industrial experience in Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, and Mobile/IoT Systems.

1. Industrial-level System Design and Optimization


The software architecture of the open-source library is on the left side. MLOps platform further reuses the source code of the open-source library (the green-colored box).

2. User-friendly MLOps platform to simplify collaboration and real-world deployment

parrot parrot

3. A Full-stack of Scientific Publications in ML Algorithms, Security/Privacy, Systems, Applications, and Visionary Impacts

  • Vision Paper for High Scientific Impacts

  • System for Large-scale Distributed/Federated Training

  • Training Algorithms for FL

  • Security/privacy for FL

  • AI Applications

Please check out this publication list for details.