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Why FedML?

FedML, Inc. (https://fedml.ai) enables people and/or organizations to have AI capability from data anywhere at any scale. FedML stands for “Fundamental Ecosystem Development/Design for Machine Learning” in a broad scope, and “Federated Machine Learning” in a specific scope. At its current stage, FedML is developing and maintaining a machine learning platform that enables zero-code, lightweight, cross-platform, and provably secure federated learning and analytics. It enables machine learning from decentralized data at various users/silos/edge nodes without requiring data centralization to the cloud, thus providing maximum privacy and efficiency. It consists of a lightweight and cross-platform Edge AI SDK that is deployable over edge GPUs, smartphones, and IoT devices. Furthermore, it also provides a user-friendly MLOps platform to simplify decentralized machine learning and real-world deployment. FedML supports vertical solutions across a broad range of industries (healthcare, finance, insurance, smart cities, IoT, etc.) and applications (computer vision, natural language processing, data mining, and time-series forecasting). Its core technology is backed by over 3 years of cutting-edge research by its co-founders.


This documentation is organized in the following sections:


FedML BeeHive - Collaborative Learning on Smartphones/IoTs

FedML Cheetah - Speedy Training of Large Models


FedML is hiring researchers, engineers, product managers, and related interns. If you are interested, Please apply at https://fedml.ai/careers